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  • We provide holistic solutions, combining left and right brains thinking, domain and industry expertise, strategy development and effective implementation.

  • We have an entirely flat structure. Our experienced consultants will handle all client accounts not just at the beginning and the end, but throughout the consulting period.

  • We operate on a no frills basis, delivering the best value for our clients. You pay for our brain power and not our overheads.


 ¡§Rachel has been catalytic to the process of transforming a primarily reactive and defensive PR machinery into a proactive, flexible and multi-facetted one through the building of a brand and an intimate network of partnerships with the media, commercial enterprises, and the community at large...

¡§ INNOFOCO not only conducted a workshop on creativity but an inspiring, fun and engaging experience that appealed to 30 plus communicators with diversified work experience and background across the globe.¡¨

¡§Today's event was fantastic indeed. Amazing speakers, amazing venture fellows and amazing atmosphere.¡¨

¡§We brought Rachel into the Central Police Station project to work with us on the communication of the vision for the project and the selection of the heritage and arts operators. Her creativity and drive have certainly "made a difference" in the way that we have approached these key activities.¡¨